About Quality-Thinking

I, Shashi Sastry, created Quality-Thinking on April 4, 2019, to share my philosophy, poetry, and mind & body essays for everyone’s benefit and pleasure.

It also aims to create a community of like-minded people interested in art, music, and language.

The site has my blogs on

  • A new philosophy, called the Philosophy of Life Instinct, that you can apply practically for a happier life.
  • Meditation techniques and mind and body improvement from my experience
  • The Art and Skill of Writing
  • A link to my other website dedicated to IT Architecture and Architects, quality-thinking.com.

And curated content

  • Western Classical Music examples, book references, and website recommendations
  • Western Art samples, book references, and website links

Quality-Thinking will always be free and won’t have ads or affiliate links.

I shall be ever grateful for the existence of WordPress and the richness of plug-ins that allow creators to reach the world quickly and effectively.

Please like the pages and posts that appeal to you, put your valuable comments, and ask me and each other questions in the comments section at the bottom of posts or through the Contact Form.

The site is for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask for more. It will be my pleasure to improve it.

Take care, and have a great day!

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