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Amazing Choice. This is our greatest gift. Let’s not squander it.

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Isn’t it astonishing that we can actually choose what to think, how to feel and what to do?

We make decisions and act on them daily, every hour and minute. Large decisions stand out in our minds, but if we observe ourselves closely for a while, we’ll see the many little choices we make inattentively.… Read the rest

Are you having a Good Day? Bad? Neither Will Last.

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I’ve observed a constant truth at work and home — good and bad times alternate.

I used to feel frustrated and miffed on days when I had a tiff with someone close or things weren’t going the way I wanted.… Read the rest

5 Gentle Ways of Saying, “You’re being stupid.”

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Sometimes you need to tell someone they are not being smart. But you don’t have to hurt them. It will not even have the desired effect if you do. So, when you feel like saying, “You’re being a moron”, try one of these instead; after you’ve double-checked that it’s not you who’s being foolish, and something really needs a response.… Read the rest