My Books

My Philosophy Book

Read my new philosophy that reveals the reality of existence and get guidance for any life situation. You’ll be happier and make the world a better place!

My Second Architecture Book

Are you an IT Architect who wants to stand out and shine? Are you new to the field and developing into an IT architect? Are you an old hand looking for ideas to solve challenging client problems? Or are you simply interested in understanding what IT Architecture is all about? Then this book is a reference work for you.

My First Architecture Book

In my first book, I share my experiences and learning over a long career. It’s light, but it will add value and make you think.

More From Me

I also write on mind and body, philosophy, and architecture on Medium.

My technical and leadership-oriented writings are on LinkedIn.

Writing Guidance

I love writing and have practised its art and craft for many years now. If you are also a budding or experienced writer and want to discuss any aspect with me, it would be my pleasure. Just drop a question in the comments or write to me via the contact form.

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