Dangerous Thinking (a poem)

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I invite Adele to sing this song for us, as Amy Winehouse is no more.

While we wait for her, you must sing it aloud, in either’s deep, languid voice.

Dangerous Thinking

Dangerous, dangerous, it’s dangerous,
Thought my mind was a forever friend,
But of late, it’s turned most treacherous,
Gone too far on a journey that must end.

The Thought Spirit trapped me in youth begun,
Seductive, invasive, so powerful,
Grooming me and riding my life shotgun,
Downing everything that could threaten.

With thought beside me, I worked surely,
Had many a passion and absorption,
Saw every big picture instantly,
I tasted the rewards of reflection.

Thinking made me think that Thinking was ‘it’,
It made the world so brilliant and bright,
Couldn’t deny the good life’s lamp was lit,
So proud was I of contemplating’s might.

But it was dangerous, so dangerous,
Over three score years of deep pondering,
Made my heart cynical and timorous,
My head was weary, cracked, and splintering.

Beauty fled the more I understood,
X-ray vision concealed vital mystery,
Seeing too much brought more bad with the good,
Imagined many things not meant to be.

I denied temperance its golden goal,
Grew too conscious of existence,
Unwanted, wasting thoughts darkened my soul,
I forgot to smile, lost all jubilance.

Dangerous, dangerous, I’m dangerous,
If you read my works and march in my band,
Beware, my wit is pernicious,
It’ll lead you to overthought’s quicksand.

No! I want to save myself from sinking,
It is time to make my mind whole again,
Free from the demon spirit of musing,
I’ll mute its siren song to stay more sane.

Sing, dance, laugh, and life’s love recollect,
Innocence and pure nature’s alloy,
Like the simple, good people I now respect,
Live with spontaneous, unbridled joy.

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