Fallout: Equilibrium on Earth

Emanations of the Philosophy of Life Instinct

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One day…

The population will be stable.  Everyone will have housing, clothing, food, water, electricity and recreational facilities.  People will strive to improve their lives but not so much for material as physical, psychological and spiritual needs. All other species of life will be carefully preserved.  Those that die out naturally will be allowed to do so.  There will be no mining.  All metals will be recycled or reused from what is above ground.    All energy will be generated from renewable sources or by the fusion of atmospheric or marine Hydrogen.  There will be no use of Uranium or other elements for nuclear fission that need to be mined.  There will be no use of crude oil or natural gas. All plastics will be completely recycled and any reduction in the total plastic in the world will not be made up.  One day the world will become free of plastics.

The composition of the atmosphere will be maintained.  Whatever is added will be exactly removed.

War will be a thing of the distant past.

Everything will be in equilibrium.

How long will it take to get there?  On the metric of everyone being at least middle class, let us do some simple math.  Say 5 billion need to be raised out of poverty, averaged over the time required.  If this needs a 100,000 $ investment in their education and employment creation, it will take 500 trillion USD.  If the World Gross Product is 80 trillion USD and 10% of this is available for poverty alleviation (with the rest being for maintaining the 7 billion existing population) then it will take 500 / 8 = 62.5 years.

So in about 3 quarters of a century more we could achieve equilibrium on Earth?

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