Fallout: National Anthem

Dear Mr Sorabjee, I truly appreciated the sentiments in your recent article on the SC ruling making the National Anthem and standing for it mandatory.  I agree with your feelings.  It is a retrograde step and saddens me too.  Nationalism itself is questionable.  Jingoism is worse.I used to love our National Anthem and stood for it with pride.  A tingle ran up my body every time to stand with my fellow citizens and sing it out loud.

My pride was never in our differentness from the rest of the world.  It was in the grander concepts this land and its people stood for.

A bit of my love for its noble strains died when I read about the SC ruling.  Last weekend I stood for it again in the theatre, but the feeling was not the same.  I want it back.  Freedom allows true peace and progress.  Freedom allows evolution to better states.  Our Supreme Court usually gets it right, but not in this case.

Will you please do something about it?  If it will be reviewed in February can you and other eminent and ordinary people please appeal for its overturn?

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