Goodness Gracious!

See more good, say more good.

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I’ve known for a while now that I am a very efficient Fault-Finding-Machine! An FFM, in short.

In a flash, I find faults with colleagues, family members, friends, acquaintances, call centre reps, household staff, drivers on the road….the list is endless. 

It doesn’t stop with people; this superb FFM finds faults with its apartment complex, suburb, city, country, other countries, the government, and on and on and on, ad infinitum. 

And the daily news feeds and fattens this FFM with a constant and rich variety of negativity.

Not good, not good at all! 

I know in my mind (if not entirely in my heart) that I don’t want to be an FFM. It spoils many hours of my life and that of others.

Instead, I want to be a GFM - a Goodness-Finding-Machine. I know this will make me and those I touch happier, healthier and better.

To be a GFM, my initial reaction will need to stop being annoyed more often than not. 

How’ll I do it? By applying a few things - humour, meditation, pausing, and especially ‘Time Perspective’. 

The last one, Time Perspective, a term I’ve coined, is to consider whether what I’m about to get mad about will matter after a while. Somehow I have a feeling, based on a few score trials, that I’ll find few things worth the anger in a year from now, and hardly any in ten.

As to the other devices, you all know the power of humour, the mindfulness from meditation, and counting to ten.

Mind you, being a GFM doesn’t mean I’ll be blind to serious wrongdoing. Where something, someone or a situation needs to be addressed I’ll work on the lapses and fixes. But I see great promise for this to be the minority of situations, at least in my life and circumstances.

To stop being an FFM is one thing, to be an active GFM is a nobler aim and a higher challenge. It will require an enlargement of my heart through understanding, acceptance, philosophy and attitude evolution. I am working on it.

Initially, I’ll find being a GFM forced and fake. But with practice and commitment, it will become natural and instinctive.

Easier written than done? You bet. But I’ll try. 

Wish me victory, folks.

(And what about you, dear reader? Are you a GFM? Yes? Superb! 
No? Then join me in becoming one. I wish you success too.)

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