How Medium will be the Beacon Inspiring Humanity towards its Best Version

We only have ourselves. No one else can save us. No one else needs to.

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What do you think of the United Nations? What about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? The internet and Google?

Do you think of them as powers for good?

Facebook has become more about narcissism, ego and manipulation than building social bonds. Twitter has become inane and insane. The United Nations is disunited and decrepit.

Meanwhile, humans help each other and kill each other.

We enjoy nature and destroy it.

Humankind creates vaccines and nuclear missiles.

We are a very mixed bag.

And all the nasty “-isms” of the species are alive and thriving.

You know which ones they are.

I am not a pessimist, but I can see we are far from peace, happiness and wellness.

Do you agree?

If not, you may know that it’s all good, and may stop reading.

I won’t mind.

But if you also feel that the light is as yet dim and we need to move into the sunshine, read on.

Where are the world leaders to show us the way?

The age of messiahs is long gone.

How many Lincoln’s, Gandhi’s and Mandela’s can we wait for?

We don’t need them.

We have plenty of ordinary good people among us. Within us, we have more angels of wisdom than wickedness.

And what is right? Moral? Ethical?

Please, let me assume we all know by now what is good for us, in the highest and broadest sense, as a species.

In the heart of hearts, everyone but the most debased “knows” goodness.

We don’t always do good.

But almost all of us, almost always, know what is good.

If we come together and synchronise our best aspects, the resonance will create a wave of the whitest and brightest light.

A light to wash away the darkness in us, alone and together. Most of it, if not all.

Even if we second guess our moral compass under private or public duress, world-over, we relate the same tales of wisdom and sing the same songs of love.

Communication saves us.

Stories save us.

Old and new stories are being told on Medium.

Noble melodies are being hummed on Medium.

In the few months since I joined, I’ve seen understanding, humour and tolerance.

I’ve seen intelligence, insight and innovation.

Joy, hope and bravery.

In short, I’ve seen the best of humanity.

Seen it in the best light.

Glowing warmly.

So, how can we make it brighter?

How can we direct Medium’s radiance upon the 7.8 billion of us on Earth?

Medium’s Content

Let’s always abjure hatred, cant, cynicism and arrogance on Medium.

Let’s keep away from every negative ‘ism’.

Don’t worry; it’ll still be interesting.

  • For humans are complex, and there is much work to do on our improvement.
  • Evolution has made us curious. There is still much to discover and share, individually and together.
  • There is art, such a variety of it.
  • And there are sports and games, of many a persuasion.

Let’s build deeper connections with those we follow and those who follow us here.

Observe and study each other’s genius.

Read more than each other’s last story.

Celebrate and enhance each other.

Medium’s Critical Mass

We each of us influence about 6 people in our lives.

To reach all 8 billion people would need around 1.3 billion Medium users.

Can we get to the first billion?

Sure we can.

There are 100 million users on Medium today. 

A tenfold increase is not incredible.

Would we need a billion writers?

No. We could do with 300 million regular writers.

If the other 700 million read and spread the light, it would be potent.

Medium could also become multi-lingual. It would draw in hundreds of millions more.

Let’s do it.

Invite to Medium the good people you know.

Let’s get to a billion.

At least.

Our light will become a radiant beam.


Progress comes from open and respectful discourse and debate.

Medium will be the catalyst in creating effervescent new compounds of the enlightened mind.

It will create a balance within humankind.

It will move us towards equilibrium with the natural world.

Here we will refine and define clear moral and ethical directions for humanity.

Here we will help each other and the world move closer to Nirvana.

To live harmoniously on this planet with all its life forms in the time given to us by the cosmos.

Calmly but energetically.

Gradually but surely.

Medium will be the primary forum for our evolution.

Medium will be the beacon inspiring humanity to its best version.

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