I Want No Artifice (a poem)

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Image from Wikimedia Commons

Read it aloud slowly to enjoy it best.

I Want No Artifice

I want to create value every day,
Not just meet, text, and talk my time away.
I want to relish my work and excel,
Not spin around the career carousel.

I want friends I like or help to succeed,
Not network selfishly for career speed.
I want to listen, care, share and inspire,
Not act out some leadership doctrinaire.

I will say aye to clients when both win,
The customer’s always right isn’t my thing.
I want to offer things of real value,
Not push something forcibly on you.

I want to spread ideas that come to me,
Not hoard them for publishing selfishly.
I just want to naturally invent,
Not jump on the bandwagon to patent.

I want to develop through deep thinking,
Not courses meant for corporate climbing.
I want to mature and grow at my ease,
Not chase success that only recedes.

Readers shaking your head at my naiveté,
Please do not think at your labours I jest,
For you may admit you have the same goal,
In the secret happy places of your soul.

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