I want to progress without artifice (a poem)

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I want to progress without artifice

I want to do the same task long enough to excel, 

not flit about and ride the career carousel

I want to create tangible artefacts every day, 

not meetings and messages that drain time away

I want friends I like, need or help in success,

not a shallow network to misuse and impress

I want to listen, share and inspire because I care, 

not act out a leadership that’s doctrinaire

I want to say yes to clients when it’s a mutual delight, 

not because the customer is always right

I want to communicate to give and get information, 

not to score points and for politicization

I want to share new thoughts I distinguish, 

not because I must ‘publish or languish’

I want to be known for naturally inventing, 

not for riding the bandwagon of patenting

I want to grow by thinking, 

not just think about growing

I want to be peaceful doing just these, 

not continually reaching for success that just recedes

Readers laughing indulgently at my naivete,

won’t you admit you have the same goal

in the deep happy places of your soul?

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