Leadership & Unreality

There are worlds within our world

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Great Leaders cannot afford realities. They are either born with the requisite blindness and deafness or they deliberately assume it.

For a Great Leader, lack of time, money, resources, technology, space, right conditions and so on are not problems to be solved. They simply don’t exist. Anyone who says they do is a scoundrel, a villain, or if the GL is in a good mood, a pitiable moron. Aliens wouldn’t get more uncomprehending glazed looks.

Sometimes we don’t read the right Dilbert strip at the right time and forget this very real unreality. Then we start telling the Great Leader about the imaginary issues. In quick time we feel the feeling of plunging the sword of hara-kiri into our belly. Too late. Blood’s going to flow. We may survive, just about, and live on to plunge it in again after a few moons. Could be the same Great Leader or another. No matter, they are all magnificent at inducing this feeling.

Deep study is advised for ordinary folks working in the shadow of Great Leaders. If you desire ruddy good health, here are some moves you can make. First, you must egg her on with great gusto towards her current holy grail. Second, if some other poor Jap soldier is committing hara-kiri you must help him by twisting and plunging the sword deeper. Make sure it is very public and you get full credit for it. Third, lock up and throw away the keys to what you can see and hear with your perfect eyes and ears. You cannot acknowledge this netherworld to any peer, junior or imagined friend. Quite a few are likely to be on the same journey of self-preservation and expose you to the Great One.

And no, stop thinking what you are thinking, that you could try and solve any of the real problems. They are not like that. They are real ones.

Immerse yourself in this noble, aspirational wonderland without reservation for long enough and who knows, you may just, you just may, you could, perhaps you might, you could be on the path to, wait for it,……………………………………………………………becoming a Great Leader yourself.

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