Moments of Living Large

Have you experienced such sublime moments?

Free image courtesy JFK Library
  • I feel largest in life in those occasional interludes

  • in which an instant in time seems like an eternity,

  • and the moment has limitless possibilities I can influence,

  • marked by the giant hand of the clock of infinity,

  • the world lit by a blindingly clear light

  • that falls out of the bluest of skies and whitest of clouds

  • onto me and the objects around me,

  • A cool zephyr rippling over my warming skin,

  • the concrete grains of a wall under my hand

  • the sheen of metal and the blades of green grass,

  • everything stilled in a crystalline sharpness

  • and a word, gesture or smile from me

  • diffusing benevolence and something good over the world.

  • Then the next unhurried sliding forward of the red hand

  • of the giant white clock standing aslant over the world

  • and the next infinite exalted moment.

  • A state of flow, of grace.

  • I think this is what living large is.

  • Not money. Not power. Not title. Not sex.

  • Not being without care about anything or anyone,

  • But being good enough at something I love

  • I leave a little eddy of peace and beauty somewhere,

  • noticed by me, even if by no one else.

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