Really? It’s That Important?

Dismissals by my mortality

Photo courtesy Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

I am neither fatalist nor nihilist. I am not even stoic. I believe in enjoying life. But I lay store by perspective and detachment, which makes me often get the thought patterns below. Or perhaps it’s my age and seeing two parents and one parent-in-law pass away in succession. Whatever the reason, it’ll be interesting to share this and see what you think.

Thoughts like these run through my head in daily life:

  • Go on, obstinately add salt for years to only slightly underseasoned dishes, and then croak one day.
  • Sure, be peeved by everything terrible in the news, as your ashes float by in the river laughing at you.
  • Okay, desperately study one more thing, but remember your brain won’t be around for much longer.
  • Yeah, try so hard to be admired, even though you’ll soon be forgotten in the mists of time.
  • Omg, worry about traditions if you can’t help it, but by Jove, shortly it won’t be your problem anymore.
  • Fine, pine for promotion, and end up dead without distinction like everyone else.
  • Go ahead, buy one more thing and add to the looming detritus of your life.
  • Nice, get upset over trifles, and then die.

Sometimes, very rarely, it stops me from doing the silly thing. But the memory of mortality is usually there. That’s all the wisdom I claim.

Do you feel like this? Let me know, for company is nice.


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