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The value of meditation

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I started meditating recently and have been asking myself — What is the value of meditation? In looking for an answer, I considered the possibilities in the usual 4 areas of our composition and came up with the following.


  • It makes us calmer
  • It makes us happier, more positive, more cheerful, more hopeful
  • It increases our emotional self-control
  • It increases our ability to bear the emotional pain
  • It increases our empathy
  • It increases our ability to forgive others and ourselves
  • It reduces our egoism and increases our humility and modesty
  • It increases our emotional intelligence
  • It helps us solve our most difficult emotional issues


  • It increases our understanding of people, life and the world
  • It increases our intelligence
  • It helps us solve our most difficult practical problems
  • It makes us better at our work or occupation


  • It enhances our spirituality
  • It brings us closer to understanding God
  • It helps us know Nature
  • It helps us answer our most difficult spiritual questions


  • It increases our physical self-control (diet, exercise, habits…)
  • It increases our ability to bear pain
  • It re-energises our mind
  • It makes us physically healthier
  • It encourages us to take up closely aligned practices such as yoga or tai chi


  • All of the above
  • Some of the above, varying by the individual (but then which are the top 3?)
  • It is not useful and is just a long-running fad
  • It has some other value(s)

As I meditate, I am personally finding that it certainly seems to be helping me, although I am not yet sure exactly how or how much. I am also hoping that through me, my mediation is also supporting the people around me.

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