Rise of the Planet of the eUmans

The dawn of a new intelligent species on Earth.

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Homo sapiens sapiens has evolved into a new sub-species, Homo sapiens electronis, commonly known as eUmans, and it lives in eLand.

We humans need to understand the eUmans of eLand to live with them peacefully and productively. Let’s consider them.

eUmans do not leave their dwellings except at birth, marriage, separation or death. All food and goods get delivered home in eLand. Mining, manufacture, agriculture and industry are fully automated and controlled remotely. eUmans do all their work from home, individually or in virtual teams. They construct buildings and factories using specialized robots, 3D printers and remotely controlled equipment. Their entertainment is virtual and immersive. They stimulate the senses artificially to produce a realistic experience and to prevent atrophy. eUmans take virtual trips at home to any natural or human-made attraction in the world. Humans, please be understanding when they interact with you via their remote bots and express shock and disdain for your use of hands and legs for non-digital activities and exposing yourself to the elements by going outside. Their culture is just different.

eUman children (eKids) do not form strong bonds with their parents as they grow up from infancy in an immersive electronic world of study, entertainment, sports and friendship. There are many cases of eKids mistaking other adults for their parents. eUman parents do still know their children, although they are perfectly capable of taking care of anyone else’s eKid as they are all so alike and have the same mostly digital needs. Humans, please understand that your kids will show a great desire to become eKids. An inter-species transfer can occur, especially for the very young, but don’t expect ever to get them back.

eUmans are atheists and don’t believe in a supernatural God. But in their own way, they do worship and almost have spirituality. Their holy trinity is Sub-atomic Particles, Quantum Physics and Electromagnetism. Their four apostles are Data, Cognitive AI, Virtualization and Automation. Humans, please note that their belief in their natural Gods is no less strong than ours. So don’t belittle it or try to convince them about other powers.

eUmans struggle with the inevitable problems of their life — obesity, allergies, eOculitis and outbreaks of eMadness. eUman doctors are making great progress in overcoming these maladies. Micro-bio-engineering of bodies and minds is advancing rapidly in eLand. When eMadness strikes a eUman, some of them open an emergency exit door and rush out of their dwellings, usually to perish in the non-electronic environment that is so hostile to them. Humans, if you come across any eMad eUmans, please get them to a hospital. It is our moral duty to try and keep them alive and return them to eLand hospitals. Or we can try to humanize them, but we know that this rarely works except for a very few young and pliable ones. Once a eUman, always a eUman.

On the whole, eUmans are non-violent and want us to leave them alone to live their eLives. After the end of the Great Flaming War of 2036, which almost tore apart eUman society, they banned public digital violence in eLand. They have achieved a very high level of material success and lack nothing of the comforts of life. We know that they are evolving towards a completely digital and automated eSphere. One of their goals is to set up an exclusive electronic habitation on some suitable planet nearby. Only the problems of interplanetary travel are preventing them. On Earth, they still depend on humans as a source of entertainment, genetic variation and to do the very few activities outside e-Land that they cannot do electronically, although it becomes fewer every year.

eUmans look upon us humans with fond nostalgia or disdain, but they don’t aspire to be human. Many humans have a moral, religious or practical dislike of eUmans. Some of us envy them and want to be a part of eUmanity. We know of the recent conflicts between us, but the HeUman Treaty of 2039 on fair sharing of the planet’s limited resources has reduced our disputes.

Whatever you feel, remember that the world population will be majority eUman by 2050. We should understand and accept them so we can co-exist peacefully. Otherwise, we may go the way of the Cro-magnons.

 Published on 2018-10-28 14:04

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