The Coming Age of the Cloud Worker

Heralding a whole new virtual world.

Free image from Wikimedia Commons

There will be people with software, content or service ideas and they will create a completely virtual companies to produce, market, sell and manage. Meetings will be on cloud-conferencing, there will be no brick-and-mortar office and no commuting. The tools required for all activities will be entirely web-based, including those for software development. Laptops or tablets will only be an interface to the cloud. All outputs will use compatible standards.

The hierarchy will be utterly flat. Pay will be tied only to defined deliverables. There will be no bands and promotions. Hours will be completely flexible. If you leave for another cloud company the linked hiring processes will ensure proper notice periods, verification and references.

Soft skills will not be important professionally. Technical skills will be paramount. Pricing and market share will be purely a function of differential value.

Productivity will increase, there will be more time for family, friends and recreation. Country, race and religion will not matter. Politics and discrimination will disappear. The world will be one.

It will be freedom, it will be happiness, it will be nirvana.

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