Bumper Sticker Slogan Ideas

Free image from Wikimedia Commons

These are some bumper stickers slogans that flashed in my mind on encountering the animals who pass for drivers on our roads 🙂

  • Proud to be Indian, proud to follow traffic rules!
  • Licence to drive is a privilege, not a right!
  • The road is there to share man
  • You are not the perfect driver nor immortal!
  • Who gave you a licence?!
  • Driving a car does not make you Iron Man
  • NO there is no justification for breaking the rule you just did
  • Driving a Beast or Beast Driving?
  • In India we drive on the Left!
  • Follow the rules, you will feel good for longer
  • You were a pedestrian once
  • Footpaths are for _____? No? Really don’t know?!
  • Being Human is – Waiting for the signal to turn green!
  • Honking is not a Traffic Rule
  • You do not have to obey every truck that says ‘Horn Please’
  • Nice person except when driving?
  • It is an auto-mobile, not a battle tank!

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