Rational, liberal, atheist Hindu?

Emanations of the Philosophy of Life Instinct

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I am a Hindu, a Brahmin, a vegetarian and all for animal rights.  Yet my first and instinctive reaction when I heard about the beef ban in Maharashtra was one of dismay. 

I wondered where this disquiet arose from.  Having examined it for a few days my provisional finding is that the news disturbed elements of rationality, common sense, fairness, anti-majoritarianism, freedom and laissez faire in my mental make up.

I am not an apologist for any political, social, cultural, economic or religious philosophy.  I don’t believe there is a God.  But I believe in the value of ritual and spirituality.  I believe in the beauty and power of nature.  I try to see the good and bad clearly in all natural systems without bringing who I am into my conclusions, hopefully honestly enough.  Yet I had this gut reaction. 

Another question followed close on its heels – was I unique in having this reaction?  What hubris!  Surely not!  But then, who else? How many others?  One? A few? Many? The majority? 

If there are others who had this reaction, what is common to us?  To where and what do we belong?  How are we to be classified?  Should we be classified?  Has there been a vein of us winding through time and place on this planet?  And what is our duty towards what happens in the world around us?

Please tell me if you know.  I would like to know I am not alone.

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