Fallout: Has Homo sapiens become an infestation of the Earth?

Emanations of the Philosophy of Life Instinct

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A recent Whatsapp conversation was very illustrative. Here I could catch insensitivity, hyper-sensitivity, self-importance, egotism, jingoism, prejudice, bigotry, intolerance, lack of self-control, labelling, generalisation, presumption, assumption and confusion. I am sure we can add to the list.

It is a snapshot of the nature of our species, called Homo sapiens sapiens. It means ‘wise wise man’. How ironic. How wrong! This species is a half-formed ugly creation. We are neither innocent beasts nor wise gods. We are intelligent enough to plunder and use everything we can. But not intelligent enough to know how to achieve balance and peace.

Has our evolution stalled? At the largest scale we have warmed up the globe. At a medium scale we have religious extremism and civil wars. At a small scale, we are plentiful with vices, big and small.

Look at the earth from space. Come in close enough and you will see the ant heaps humans call habitation. You will see the infestation. In some places, it looks all right, with a semblance of order and cleanliness. In other places, it looks like vile cesspools. The orderly places are worse on the large scale effects. The mean places are worse on the small scale effects and trying to move up. Neither is benevolent.

And how we multiply and proliferate like vermin. Soon we will be almost double in number. Imagine the state we will get ourselves into, with our pitiful little brains.

Are we important? Is life more important than matter? Is matter itself important? I say No, No and No. I don’t have to think hard with my piffling brain to say No. Because even it knows that saying Yes will need a reason. And there is no reason. So the only answer can be No.

This is the precise point at which the idea of God will pop in for many members of the species. They will say, God gives us the reason. And what is that? That He created us. But what if they only felt the need for the reason and thus the need for a God. They may have created a God to have a reason to live. A bonus is that their God may also tell them how to live. But if they created God and God created them, it is a circular argument. We can also say, ‘So what if God created us?’ What is the importance of that? So it does not provide an answer in the cosmic context. And for those that don’t believe in God, there is not even this detour.

So no other God believing or non-believing member of this species can say Yes and convince me. I am not being obstinate. I am only saying there is no reason conceivable. Conceivable to us.

Now I will not discount the possibility there could be other life forms or existences which may say Yes. They may say yes for us or themselves or something else. And they could have a reason that we can or cannot comprehend. But we have not met them yet.

If there is something important There is no need for us to exist. We do not hold up the universe. And what if we did? Why is the universe important? The meaninglessness is total. And yet we are so full of ourselves. Our rudimentary brains with their pitiful chemical



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