Love, Intelligence, or Kindness? (a poem)

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As always, best read aloud slowly.

Love, Intelligence, or Kindness?

I surveyed my life and found it sound,
Love, intelligence, and kindness abound.
But I asked myself, and I ask thee,
Which is most precious of the three?

Love is such beautiful ecstasy,
Ancient reproductive utility,
Hard to control, often inadequate,
Seen in many animals, small and great.

Intelligence lets humans fly so high,
But it can make us quite haughty and dry.
Intellect can become sad and pensive,
It’s often misused, cruel, so destructive.

Kindness accepts, forgives, is empathy,
Strong, constant, humanity’s epitome.
It sees us full, is conscious choice,
Gentleness is love’s intelligent voice.

Life would be dreary without love and wit,
Yet I’d survive somehow and bear it,
But of life without the third I can’t dream,
For me, kindness will always reign supreme.

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