Replace Independence & Republic Days with ‘India Day’ and ‘Clean India Day’

Taking a long term perspective British rule in India was only a short episode in the long history of India.  There are now 3 generations alive that were born after 1947.  While there is a lot to appreciate and thank for those who suffered under colonial rule and fought against it maybe it is time to move on and stop giving so much importance to the British and their rule.

We should merge Independence Day and Republic Day into one and call it India Day.  It can be celebrated on 26th January.  On India Day we can perform everything with pride that is relevant and that we have been doing on both days like flag hoisting, the PM’s speech, parade, etc.

The public holiday that is freed up can be made into Clean India Day.  On this day every citizen from the common person to the President, every organization from private to government and every city, town and village can voluntarily spend the day in cleaning up the public land, water and air of India.  We can institute awards for the citizen, organization, village, town and city that did the best clean up job.

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