Songs of the Soul: The Amazing Art of Poetry

A poem for your wisdom portfolio

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(In pentameter and mostly iambic. Recite it aloud to enjoy it best, dear reader.)

Songs of the Soul: The Amazing Art of Poetry

Did you read a few short lines sometime,
Of wonderful words that so thrilled your heart?
Were you smitten by their feeling or rhyme,
Wasn’t it a poem, then? Did a new love start?

A poem’s a string of pearls on a white page,
Grander than the sum of its tiny beads,
It shows us much beyond its little stage,
Paints a picture in the mind from its seeds.

Poems can sound as various as birdsongs,
Their melodies simple or discerned,
With each syllable just where it belongs,
They must be read aloud and performed.

Whether a limerick, ode, or sonnet,
Haiku, ballad, elegy, or free verse,
They’re mind duets, and we turn and pirouette,
Glad to dance along as the poet leads us.

A thought can become many a sentence,
A line of words can form in many ways,
But its metaphor, brevity, cadence,
Makes poetry soar above prosaic essays.

Brewing poetry for a nice sensation,
Needs a deep skill for words to well ferment,
With humour, insight, imagination,
The lonely, dogged effort’s worth each moment.

A poem’s lines linger long in memory,
Spreading like perfumed tendrils in the mind,
Its wise, silken words line a reverie,
And lovely songs are just poems of a kind.

Poetry is civilisation’s high art,
Its magic makes us laugh, wonder, or weep,
It draws us closer and softens our heart,
Lifts the downtrodden and rallies the weak.

So go write a poem, or maybe just read one,
Verse lights up life, like music and painting,
Poetry is for you, me, and everyone,
Come now, didn’t you enjoy this offering?

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