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Do you find life complicated? Are you feeling sad about something? Are you angry and want things to be different? Do you wish you had more? Are you bored and looking for a spark?

And is it getting worse because you can’t find a single reliable source of answers and motivation?

Then you’re lucky you’re reading this, for the solution and inspiration for everything and everyone is in my book — The Philosophy of Life Instinct.

How Does The Book Work?

We are our minds. Our abilities and happiness come from our minds. It’s true even for athletes and manual workers. And the strength of our minds comes from three things:

  • Knowledge
  • Understanding
  • Self-control

My book will give you all three, but especially the second — understanding.

Understanding is the most powerful mental feature and an essential ingredient of intelligence. Understanding is also vital for self-control.

‘But understanding what?’, you’ll ask. The answer is, ‘As much as we can, about as much as we can.’ With understanding, we become our own guide for every situation in life. That is the aim of the book and the philosophy.

And it’s not about understanding in any way, but with clarity — crystal clear clarity.

How Did The Book Come Into Being?

It results from a quest of over twenty-five years for ultimate understanding.

It began when I was in my early twenties. I was a keen observer, and what I saw in family, friends, and society became a deep interest in finding their causes. I searched for a philosophy that answered my questions — in the works of classical Greek and modern European philosophers and scientific, spiritual and religious works from the East and West. But I didn’t find any satisfactory explanations. Simultaneously I was thinking intensely about the nature and facts of human life and the universe.

In my late twenties, I realised that everything kept returning to one thing — that we are a particular form of matter driven by a powerful force yet limited in its ability to grasp reality and control itself. Here was the simple yet powerful ultimate answer. I called this powerful impulse the Life Instinct.

I connected this force to its diverse effects and made draft notes for a book, but life became busy for many years. I always intended to complete the philosophy and give it a relatable form. I returned to it in 2020 and completed and published the book in 2021.

What Does The Book Contain?

Part I

In Part I of the book, I explore the existential cosmic context for the philosophy. I investigate all reality, life, how we can understand humanity, whether we are free to choose, and the origin of the Life Instinct.

Chapter 1 The Metaphysical Context — Why we need first to consider the universal questions
Chapter 2 What if it all Just Is? — Existence, knowledge and causation
Chapter 3 The Nature of Time — What time is and how it is intrinsic to everything
Chapter 4 Life and The Life Instinct — Defining life and the Life Instinct
Chapter 5 Thought, Language and Intelligence — Their validity for understanding ourselves
Chapter 6 Free Will — Can we really choose our actions?
Chapter 7 Science and The Life Instinct — Life Instinct as a fundamental force

Part II

In Part II, I apply Life Instinct and Free Will to various human concerns to understand them and improve ourselves.

Chapter 8 The Study of Humanity — An approach to studying ourself
Chapter 9 The Power of Our Intellect 
— Where we’ve reached
Chapter 10 God 
— Origins and dimensions
Chapter 11 Religion 
— A necessary phase
Chapter 12 Spirituality 
— Meaning and connection
Chapter 13 Emotions 
— A matter of survival
Chapter 14 Love and Friendship 
— Bedrock of cooperation
Chapter 15 Marriage and Family 
— Institutions for continuity
Chapter 16 Learning and Education 
— The saving grace
Chapter 17 Work and Ambition 
— Essentials to be managed
Chapter 18 Sports and Games 
— Fun with benefits
Chapter 19 Migration 
— We are all migrants, and it’s been good
Chapter 20 Government 
— Self-management by the species
Chapter 21 Art 
— What is it?
Chapter 22 Quality 
— Nebulous but real
Chapter 23 Morality 
— Personal positions
Chapter 24 Ethics 
— Social Necessity
Chapter 25 Happiness
 — An unattached examination

Part III

In Part III, I consider the limitations of the philosophy, how our understanding and answers will stand the test of time, and distil the philosophy into a daily-living guide for attaining the most wholesome lives possible.

Chapter 26 Imperfections of the Life Instinct — Acceptance and responsibility
Chapter 27 Future Evolution 
— Where are we headed?
Chapter 28 How to Live 
— The existential question
Chapter 29 Summation
 — Your portmanteau
Chapter 30 Epilogue 
— Au revoir

How to Use the Book

Despite the above structure, as long as you have read Chapter 4 — ‘The Nature of Life and The Life Instinct’, you can read the others independently. They are like beads on a single thematic chain that holds them all. Chapter 4 sets up that underlying, unifying idea.

Reading all the topics at a go will give you the well-rounded ability to deal with almost everything life throws at you, so I recommend it. But you may focus on problems that interest you presently and read others later as you need.

Of course, this book cannot cover every aspect of life. Still, you’ll be able to understand the origins of any issue once you accept the philosophy and its underlying metaphysics. It’ll be your ever-present and reliable friend, ready to tackle any problem, ordinary or esoteric.

There’s no doubt in my mind of this philosophy’s fundamental soundness and great power.

So Get It Now Because You Need It

The book is available from eCommerce booksellers worldwide. Here are the links for the hardback in India…

…and the softcover in the US.

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