The Things We Do to Be Remembered (a poem)

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A poem in pentameter. Read it aloud!

The Things We Do to Be Remembered

The urge to not just disappear in time,
Makes men and women do much that’s sublime.
Yet we know every outcome isn’t fine,
And just as many things end in a crime.

We struggle to the poles and wheeze up peaks
Rocket into space and cross unknown seas.
We paint pictures and write bestseller books,
Create noble music and become great cooks.

We know we are our name, our name is us,
It’s our sign graven into hearts and souls.
So we inscribe our gifts and sign our cards,
Scratch our initials on trees and old walls.

We play for awards, patent inventions,
Captain industries and build great mansions.
Get doctorates, raise pyramid tombs,
Donate to charities and leave heirlooms.

For freedom leaders lead revolutions,
Then turn dictators of subjugations.
For power and fame suffer damnations,
Allow genocide, decimate nations.

We can give up life for our land and people,
But cheat and get ahead without a scruple.
Draw family trees to show we’re special,
For fame endure Sisyphian struggle.

With life instinct’s siren call encumbered,
So many of us live lives dismembered.
Death’s eternal sleep our only release,
From doing something to be remembered.

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